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We believe in non-invasive methods of examining and treating musculoskeletal disorders through manual-based and exercised based treatment approaches. Owing to these methods, pain is reduced faster, tissue elasticity is improved and the range of joint mobility is increased. Our offer includes: rehabilitation after stroke, spine rehabilitation, knee and hip joint and shoulder rehabilitation. Rehabilitation stays are programmes based on the physiotherapist's work with a patient in a 1:1 system tailored to the individual needs of a patient.

Rehabilitation Packages:

Non-Surgical Spine Treatment


Neurological Rehabilitation


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


Pelvic floor training package

In this rehabilitation programme we pay particular attention to effective pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), based on the assumptions of the Swiss BeBo® concept and the guidelines of the Polish Urogynecological Association. The programme prepared by our specialists includes awareness, strengthening and breathing exercises, as well as relaxation techniques that allow you to rebuild your pelvic floor muscles.

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The programme was prepared for people who lead an active lifestyle. It is a comprehensive set of consultations and laboratory and diagnostic tests, allowing you to get to know the overall condition of the cardiovascular system in a short time. Additionally, along with the test results, the patient receives recommendations for further preventive or medical treatment.

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Ask our expert

If you have any doubts about stay or rehabilitation, please ask our experts.

Physical activity

Education and physical activity play a vital role in rehabilitation. At Columna Medica, patients can participate in various exercises and workshops, e.g. the Healthy Back" workshops, which help to prevent back pain, improve your knowledge of correct body posture, ergonomics in the workplace and optimal organization of home space.


Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would like to participate in additional classes (including Aqua Aerobics, Pilates, Body Mental), please register at the main reception desk. Please contact us at (43) 676-80-00.