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Healthy Spine

We believe in non-invasive methods of examining and treating musculoskeletal disorders through manual-based and exercised based treatment approaches. Owing to these methods, pain is reduced faster, tissue elasticity is improved and the range of joint mobility is increased. Our offer includes: rehabilitation after stroke, spine rehabilitation, knee and hip joint and shoulder rehabilitation. Rehabilitation stays are programmes based on the physiotherapist's work with a patient in a 1:1 system tailored to the individual needs of a patient.

Who is the package dedicated to?

The package is dedicated to patients: with back pain caused by overloading and osteoarthritis (sciatica, discopathy), before and after spine surgery, before and after spinal stabilization surgery or surgery using implants, with rheumatoid changes, suffering from migraine headaches, in the prevention of people exposed to overload, leading a sedentary lifestyle and for those who lead a stressful life.

Which package is suitable for me?

In order to recommend the package suitable for one’s condition and eliminate potential contraindications to participate in a rehabilitation programme, please complete the Initial Patient Form and send it to with the note Request for package recommendation". The final decision as to the choice of the appropriate treatment programme is made by a doctor and physiotherapist after the initial medical and physiotherapy consultation.

How to make a reservation?

If you would like to ask for details or make a reservation, please contact our consultant at +48 43 676 80 00 or send a message to To guarantee the reservation, please make an advance payment in the amount of PLN 1,000 / person within 3 days of making a reservation.


At Columna Medica we offer our guests Friday sauna rituals, Saturday guitar concerts and active recreation during sports activities.

Is it possible to be on a diet during a rehabilitation stay?

During a stay, you can combine rehabilitation with a healthy eating plan. Ask our consultant for details.